Stories of Hope - Sara

Sara’s Story

Sara is a 10 year old girl with a very sweet disposition that comes from a very poor family in Guatemala. She was born with a congenital hip defect called Congenital Hip Dysplasia that causes her to walk in pain and with a severe limp. She could not run and play with her friends because of her condition. Her condition could be corrected by hip replacement/reconstruction to correct the defect but it is a very complex surgery requiring 6 months of casting following the surgery as well significant physical therapy once her cast is removed . Sara’s dreams came true. Compassion Medicine partnered with the Assade organization in Guatemala to obtain hip surgery for Sara. She has been through the 6 months of casting as well as an additional 6 months of physical therapy. A 10 year old should not miss out on a happy childhood and have to face a lifelong disability that can be corrected with the right surgeon and follow-up care. Her surgery was a huge success and has changed her life in major ways. No longer does she have to stand by and watch her friends play. She can now play with her friends, walk normally, and face the future with confidence and hope.

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