Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help children in poverty-stricken, third-world countries who suffer from debilitating, painful, or disfiguring medical conditions gain access to world-class healthcare to improve their health and bring hope to their lives. Our mission is accomplished without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or ability to pay for their care.

Our Vision:

Compassion Medicine envisions a world in which no child suffers physically or emotionally from a serious medical condition.  Our vision is accomplished by partnering with missionaries/pastors, missions organizations, and physicians in countries outside of the U.S. to identify children in need while also networking with hospitals, physicians, and other like-minded organizations and volunteers in the U.S. and other countries to obtain the appropriate medical care necessary for the children.

Our Commitment:

Compassion Medicine is committed to successfully accomplishing our mission by:

  • Providing high quality medical services and rehabilitation to the children it serves
  • Establishing well-defined objectives that are measurable and attainable
  • Maximizing all available resources by partnering with other organizations when possible
  • Meeting objectives and reporting measured results
  • Exercising good accountability practices and full financial disclosure
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