Stories of Hope - Jacob
Jacob from the Philippines:
Jacob, 4 years old, is from a very poor family in a rural village in Guatemala and was born with a defect in his foot called syndactyly where several sets of his toes are fused together causing him to limp when trying to walk. It also makes it difficult and painful for him to put on shoes. If not corrected, he will always walk with a limp and likely be bullied by his classmates throughout his youth.Compassion Medicine partnered with the Assade organization in Guatamala to conduct surgery on Jacob. It involved both an orthopedic surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon to correct his problem. His surgery was successful and has changed his life. He will now be able to run and play with his friends and enjoy his childhood.

Letter from parents of Jacob to Compassion Medicine:

Dr. Dean Jones:

I am pleased to greet you and at the same time express my appreciation for your valuable help and financial assistance for surgery for my baby (Jacob). We thank God everything went well and now he’s in the process of recovery. The doctor said that after about a week he will remove the stitches and hope in God that soon he has a full recovery and he can walk. I am deeply grateful to God for allowing us to have a person with a noble heart. Now I wish you many successes and our God continue to give rich and abundant blessings on your life and your family.


Sindi Corina Macu

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