Samuel Nicaragua

Name: Samuel

Age: 6 months

Home: Nicaragua

Medical Condition: Needs Prosthetic Leg/Foot

Summary: Samuel is an infant that comes from a very poor family in the Nicaragua. He needs a prosthetic leg on his left side and prosthetic foot on the right side. Without legs to walk, his life will be limited to a wheel chair which will limit his abilities in daily life, including playing sports. This will also have a negative effect on his self-esteem in life and an increased sensitivity to the burden his condition will place on his family.

Treatment Plan: Compassion Medicine is partnering with a prosthetics lab to have a fully custom prosthetic leg and foot made for Samuel and he will be taught how to use it for everyday life activities, including playing sports. Getting this new leg and foot will change his life, allowing Samuel to walk normally and play with his friends as he grows up.


Costs: $1,000

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